Amphicar 770 – 72 500€ – Holandia

Amphicar 770

cena: 72 500 EUR (ok. 312 000 PLN)

Dane pojazdu:

  • Rok produkcji: 1965
  • Przebieg: 42 km
  • Pojemność: 1.147
  • Rodzaj skrzyni: Manualna
  • Rodzaj paliwa: Benzyna

oferta dealera:


He has had a full body-off restoration in the Netherlands and is in top condition. He is technically ready for the water and the land.

The Amphicar was the life work of the automobile designer Hans Trippel (1908-2001). The body came from West Berlin, the engine from England and parts even came from (former) East Germany. The car was assembled in (west) Berlin. They produced 3878 copies. The sale was disappointing, because of the high price of 10,000 German marks also the performance was mediocre, with a top speed of 105 km / h on land and 12 km / h on the water. However, a Amphicar managed in 1962 to stabbing across the Channel. he was recently restored in is in mint condition. we made the car complet ready for the road and water.