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Ferrari 250 GT Lusso
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Dane pojazdu:

  • Rok produkcji: 1963
  • Przebieg: 59000 km



Few Ferrari road cars have proven to be as charismatic as the 250 GT/L Berlinetta, also known as the Lusso. The ultimate luxury iteration of the long-running 250 GT platform, the Lusso was introduced at the 1962 Paris Motor Show and immediately stood out from its predecessors with supremely elegant Pininfarina-designed and Scaglietti-built coachwork. Heralded as one of the most timeless body designs ever conceived, the Lusso brilliantly reconciled curvaceous fenders and a sporty Kamm tail, complemented by a roomy cockpit with long front and rear glass panes and minimal brightwork. While the Scaglietti body was fashioned from steel, weight was minimized with the use of aluminium for the hood, doors, and trunk lid.

The Lusso was Ferrari’s luxury grand touring model available between the early Pininfarina coupes and the 275 GTB that followed, and its comfort was ensured by a cabin swathed in leather and a dashboard that featured a radical new instrument arrangement that was never to be duplicated. Five small gauges lay behind the classic wood-rimmed steering wheel, while two large centre-placed dials angled towards the driver, aesthetically anchoring the instrument panel in a futuristic manner.

Mechanicals were updated to include standard disc brakes and two rear-suspension developments from the concurrent 250 GTO sports racing car, the integration of concentric springs on the shock absorbers, and a Watts linkage to assist in lateral stability of the rear axle. Over two years of production, approximately 350 examples of the elegant Lusso were built, and the model has matured into perhaps the most universally revered Ferrari grand tourer of the legendary 250 series-a study in sports car perfection.

This particular example left the factory in Rosso over Crema and was delivered to the United States; in 1995 the current owner set about locating a 250 Lusso and after 2 years of searching the car we are offering today was found. The current owner had owned a series of classic Ferraris in the past; including a 250 TDF, and thus his aim was to restore the car to the highest standard with a view to winning the Ferrari Owner’s Club Concours (It went on to win in 2005). Once the car had been located it was transported from Connecticut to Marseille; when the car arrived in the port it was unlicensed & unregistered and had to be given a police escort from the container it was shipped in to its new home awaiting registration.

In order to register the car a Certificate of Conformity from Ferrari was required, however they declined to provide the certificate unless the car was restored to a high standard; due to the disarray of the French restoration industry in the late 90’s the owner opted to have it sent to the UK for its first restoration which saw it stripped down to a body shell on Tressals. Following this preliminary restoration, the car was sent to Steve Richards Racing Design & Development for its most recent restoration which is documented down to the purchase of every nut and bolt used in the restoration process.

The car remained in restoration from 2003-2005, during which time it was stripped to metal and repainted in the jaw dropping Metallic Blue it’s presented in today. The car comes complete with photographs showing it finished in Red and the restoration process which turned it Blue.

The car has featured in numerous Concours competitions, some of the more notable included its 4th place in the 2009 Ferrari Owners’ Club Concours and its 2nd place in the 2006 Ferrari Owners’ Club Concours.

This car is the Pinnacle of Ferrari’s Ethos of Beauty and Drivability, the chance to own such a rich piece of Automotive history should not be taken lightly! The car will be sold complete with Classiche documentation and original tool roll.